In the square, every employee is full of expectations for the future of the company, and hopes to make progress together with the company. The endless corporate culture affects every person and becomes an indispensable driving force for the company's continuous advancement and the company's continued growth.
1. Corporate vision: to create the most powerful PTFE brand.
Fangyuan Fluoroplastic has been committed to the research and development of fluoroplastic products and strives to be the leader in the PTFE industry.
2.The purpose of the company: integrity-based, quality first, and become a square.
Based on the principle of good faith, Fangfang fluoroplastics strictly controls the quality of products. The products produced are ROHS certification, FDA certification and UL certification issued by SGS, which fully guarantee the quality of products and continuously improve their technical level. Or the technology is higher than the peer manufacturers.
3.Corporate philosophy: the pursuit of excellence, carefully do each product.
Fangyuan people have been constantly exploring and intently producing products with an initial pursuit of excellence.
4. The spirit of enterprise: heavenly rewards, industry rewards, business rewards.
Fangyuan Fluoro Plastics is diligent, researching and trustworthy as the core of the company, and promotes teamwork. Through continuous learning and hard work, it improves its business capabilities and better serves its customers.
5.Quality policy: sophisticated raw materials, lean management, precise manufacturing.
We use 100% PTFE new materials as raw materials, introduce advanced production technology at home and abroad, and implement strict quality management system to produce the best quality PTFE products.